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Hal Krause
also known as
Harry H Krause



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Sparky's Corner

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CEO Sparky's Corner

Key responsibilities: Network Administration, Web Hosting and Web Design

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     I am a computer consultant, engineer, web host and web designer and work with computers all day. I enjoy to come home and use them to explore new ways to make my life easier.

I love the outdoors and enjoy camping, fishing, boating, water skiing, swimming, hiking, mountain biking. My favorite is skiing and I am a ski instructor for the Kalispell Ski Club on The Big Mountain, the local ski resort.
I am mechanically inclined and will build when necessary. From partition walls to electrical, insulating hanging sheetrock, taping the sheetrock and installing the trim. I also built the deck that is attached to the house. I can if needed fix and maintain my own cars. In my teen years I had a 1976 Camero and a collector 1970 Dodge Super Bee.            

I love technology and always have. It is easy for me to sit at the computer all night. I can also go for weeks without touching my own computers at home. I do not have a TV. I have a projector and I collect movies to watch on a big screen.

I enjoy cooking and I am not afraid to help out when someone else is cooking. I will say that I don't enjoy washing the dishes.. but then that is why the house has an electric dish washer! I enjoy dining out once in a while but I would rather be home with the family.

Several times a year I dig out the RC airplane that has a 6 foot wingspan and fly it for several hours. I have a camera mounted on the wing and I take aerial videos.

I have enjoyed dancing and dance foxtrot, square dance, round dance, waltz, balboa, east coast, west coast, jitterbug, waltz, two-step, charleston, tango, salsa, rumba, cha-cha and lindy.            

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Biographical Information I was born and raised in Mountain Brook 17 miles East of Kalispell Montana. A large portion of the local history can be found about my Grand Father Krause

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Personal Interest

I am a Sagittarius born in the great Northwest in Kalispell, Montana. I attended Mountain Brook school and graduated from the 8th grade with 5 other kids(big class). I attended Flathead High School and graduated in 1974. In 1977 I married Janet Sandon. In the Fall of 1977 my father died and left my mother with an almost completed house and no power or phone. I moved back to Mountain Brook to help out with the family affairs and then helped with the family business till it was sold in 1984. February 11th 1981 I was a proud father of bouncing baby....Ryan....boy.... 1984 We moved all our belongings into a storage unit and toured the west coast returning back to Kalispell in the fall of 1984. Janet and I purchased our first house in 1985 and then in 1988 we sold it and built another one. The second house was disaster. It took 22 months from the time we broke ground till we closed. In 1991, 6 months after closing of the house the marriage was over. They say that a divorce and building a house are the two most difficult times to get through. I went through them both within a year. In the fall of 1991 I bought a 14x70 mobile home. While in the mobile home I started one of the largest BBS's in the North West. People called from all over the world to get files and mail from the system. Which by the way was called "Sparky's Corner BBS". Over the next 2 years I purchased 2 street bikes a 450 and an 1100, a 1ton 4x4 to haul an overhead camper. In 1993 I met a fine LDS Lady who introduced me the the LDS Church of which I will always be thankful. In 1994 I sold all my toys and bought 5 acres of land by Foys Lake which is 5 miles south west of Kalispell and in the spring of 1995 I began construction of a nice 5 bedroom house. I should have known better but on July 4th 1995 (Independence day) That fine LDS Lady(Kimberly Lamb) and I were married in the Cardston Alberta Temple. I shut the BBS' down in the fall of 1995 due to the lack of interest from users and the increase of interest in the Internet. In 1996 I finished the basement of the house. In 1997 I built a 16x30 deck onto the house and in 1998 I installed a hot tub. In April 1999 Kim moved out and in May she filled for a divorce. Like I said a little Independent. February 25th 2000 Ryan got married. May of 2000 I moved to Kansas City, Missouri and purchased a nice new 1600 sq ft 4 bedroom 3 bath home with a 3 car garage in Raymore Missouri 20 miles south of Kansas City. Sparky and I lived comfortably in Raymore until June of 2002 CenturyTel Relocated me to Columbia, Missouri where I purchased a nice 4000sq ft duplex of which 2400sq ft is mine and the renter pays for almost half of the payment. Life is better with the lower payments and larger home. Sparky

In 2005 I was offered a position as the head of the Information Technologies department for Glacier park INC and returned back to Kalispell.

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Telephone: (406)756-3436


Postal Address: 427 1st Street East Kalispell Montana 59901

Electronic Mail: Hal Krause